Pick #29 Elements of “a perfect day”


We all know that there’s no perfect thing in this world, including humans. Anything, anyone is flawed in our ways. But here comes the “ideas” of the perfect day. It’s from our self-perspective, I mean I myself have different factors for a day to be labeled as a perfect day, so as my dog. As a typical being who only in nature wanted his day to perfect basing it to his definition of a “Perfect Day”.

Now it’s my day to share with you what consists my elements of a perfect day. I’m a list them down for you readers:

  1. Coffee in the morning –  First things first. Coffee has an important role in everyday’s life, I mean the different preparation and presentation of coffee are widely appreciated by the people and I myself have been a lover since my College days of busy studying.   “She’s like cold coffee in the morning” –  Cold Coffee | Ed Sheeran
  2. Greetings from Loved Ones  – Good morning messages even evening is happiness for me. Friends, Family, and relatives sending me random messages in a day even just a single one will make my day complete.
  3. Complete Meal – When I say complete meal, it means that in a day I’ll be satisfied with just one complete breakfast and light meals in lunch and dinner. I’m in my diet mode actually so I have this set of goals. *laughs
  4. Realizing how blessed you are – On a daily basis, we do thank God for the good thing s and even the bad things that he gave to us, to experience and to challenge. Along with these, we are also showered with another day to spend with our Families and our ability to work again for our clients or to have a good cup of coffee with our friends.
  5. Ended your day with a smile and a prayer – As a Freelancer, I manage my time making it possible for me to sleep even for just 4-6 hours in a day. Making my self-available for prospects it can be viewing job offers and entertaining proposals.
  6. Gym time – Last month I decided to enroll in a gym and now I decided to extend another month so that I’ll continue losing some kilograms.
  7. A day in the Arcade – I remember way back when I was just a little fellow I’m very fond of playing outdoor games with my playmates as well as indoor on arcades. Yet in today’s generation, the love for Arcades is still hyped as same before despite the progression of the number of kids population who are into online games with the use of smartphones and high-end gadgets. This is always gonna be a part of my life and as soon as it is included in my day, it’s gonna be as perfect as having a cup of hot coffee in a cold weather.
  8. A blog post – this is something I really love doing for years now. It’s not limited to sharing words, stories alone but sharing artworks and photographs are also considered to be a blog post for me. A doodle a day keeps my energy ecstatic and driven. Being an artist in our own special and simple ways creates unique elements in our stories. Keeping the creativity in everyday grind

A combination of 3 or more listed above will just be fine for me.

How about you? What makes your day perfect? – wordsmelt



My English teacher asked me to answer one of her speaking questions. Apparently, I’m the one who raised my hand to volunteer to answer. In my mind, “You can do it, Give it a try!” I know you love being challenged. Accept criticisms, advice and some sort of guidance to whatever she’s going to comment on about regarding the way you answer, on your delivery and fluency.

It’s already the second week of my review for my IELTS examination. The volunteering part is my method of challenging my abilities just like with my talking, answering and rationale.

I didn’t even finish my responding to the question being asked of me because she interrupted me. She told me, I do have quite a number of ideas. Some of them are needless to say, she even told me to think of only two, explain it further and I’m good to go. To compose my reasoning I must focus on two reasons and elaborate it more so that the other party will understand easily what I’m talking about. I really need to organize my thoughts moreover be cohesive and coherent.

coherent :

  •  logical and well organized, easy to understand
  • to be able to express yourself in a clear way that can be easily understood


  • closely united

Now I do understand what she really means when she said those concerns of her. My mind is like a room, the minute it’s open and ready for some understanding and composing ideas from my thoughts it’s suddenly transmitted much information that is needless to be included. Supposedly, the first step I must clearly do is to perceive and understand the question being asked, its meaning must be transparent to my mind so that I can respond quickly and properly to it.

Most of the time, I have my tendency to speak words that I didn’t mean at all. Without taking it to consider whatever the outcome will be. Either negative or positive. Sometimes maybe I do but oftentimes I deny myself for the facts. I’m being subjective.

Starting today, I’m surely gonna practice organizing my thoughts so that it’ll be easy for me in the near future. To speak what I mean and to respond to the current situations, Thereby giving me a boost of confidence day by day.

Being an over-thinker is not going to help me at all. It only leads to unnecessary thoughts and even produces negative vibes and energy.

UNLIKE in blogging and free writing I can express myself well, but in Speaking it’s evidently different and sometimes demanding because it’s method of expressing your thoughts with a voice in contrast with Writing, it’s in silence but deadly too.