Editing age

"Editing age" means..¬†changing my latest age number into 24 on my Social media pages. Ugh! Just the thought of it makes me a little bit weird. When I said Social Media pages its gonna be on Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogpost, Youtube and maybe even on Facebook if it's not gonna Auto-add-one-year¬†Oh well this is life … Continue reading Editing age

Journal of the Unknown Origin

This life is not private as it may seem. Let my life be transparent as to how I like person's honesty reflects him/herself too.  *photos | words | feelings | mine* Typically I am @nikkiurs (just look for it using the friendly Google) PH *millenial 23 | 20/20 , an OWL, loves Coffee, Books, Movies, … Continue reading Journal of the Unknown Origin