THE Next STEP, does it really matter?

Taking the next step is very important in whatever circumstances and paths of life, you’ll come to that point where you’re compelled to choose the next big thing you’ll be doing in order to give your life a sense of direction.

If you’re a dreamer you need to understand this mechanism. It may not be simple as simple as choosing what kind of fruit you’ll be having today but it’s of utmost importance that you know the risks of doing so. It’s the same with the deciding what to do after you’ve been consumed and bored with what you suddenly left behind.

With the so many drafts you’ve tried to fathom why surprisingly stacked in the Drafts section of your Web Blog – weekly giving yourself a chance to move on and go on to the next flow. It doesn’t seem to fit all walks of life. Even with the motivation, you’re capable of following your daily grind is not there anymore.

So, we’re left with what’s laid in front of us and from there, as the origin of our Dreamy Success stand up and grind. All I wanna say is that what you got in you is what you are! If you’re capable of working as a professional you can look for a job and start again or if you’re an artist of any type you can design from there also.

Take it or leave it, skipping the drama in between all of ups and downs in life is just a part of it. The bitterness and slow progression are all depending on how you handle yourself in the process. Life is always risky in a different level of difficulty but we need to just go on with it in order to achieve our aspirations in life if that so, Strive!


Some of us are interested, driven yet our actions are limited: ASTROHOPE for the better

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I remember way back before when I’m in my childhood days, I always hope and pray for a better tomorrow especially with the fact that I came from a broken family.

despite from the loneliness that I feel from time to time with events like my family members arguing about parenting, education, guidance and the like I always Papa God for his assistance and the prayer intentions for both of my troubled parents. Even with a young soul, I have before with the years gone by without their support from there I slowly grasp the truth and lies of my childhood, accepting them through my tears and keeping up with my peers just to be shifted.

truly angels are ever present in our world and I wanna thank them especially My grandparents for being more responsible than my own parents. Without them, I can never see myself to be professional and a responsible human being. Their ways and ideas might not be as modern as compared to anything else, but it was the best method I’ve experienced and I’m truly grateful for their existence and from then on I promised myself I’ll be a much better role model for the youngsters and the society itself.

I wanted my parents to be better in the future- that’s my idea before

but up until now, even though how much they wanted to be better for me and my siblings, with just their intentions and no plausible efforts sadly I think this idea is somewhat vague

We grow from our experiences and continue to be better.

Editing age

“Editing age” means.. changing my latest age number into 24 on my Social media pages. Ugh! Just the thought of it makes me a little bit weird. When I said Social Media pages its gonna be on Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogpost, Youtube and maybe even on Facebook if it’s not gonna Auto-add-one-year Oh well this is life and for how many years we always accept the fact that we will not gonna be younger and stay as pretty as what we look now, motivated and sometimes powerful (in terms of the level of energy our body must utilize).

Currently playing: Chocolate by The 1975 I’m craving for some literally but because I’m sick right now I just can’t at the moment which is kinda sad ugh. Maybe 2-3 days from now? Hopefully I’ll be okay, back to my old self, no cold, no coughs. I’ll just wait for my complete recovery then. Why is it that this “Trangkaso” episodes will always be evident days before my birthday? Mmmm. I remembered when I was in high school, as part of our traditions we tend to celebrate the Holy Mass on the day of our birth to give thanks to the Lord for the blessings he showered upon me all this time for how many years, not only to me but also to my family and relatives. Occasionally this day might also fall on Easter Sundays and even on Maundy Thursdays.

It just occured to me that having these bad days even before on my birthday would be a blessing in disguise, a form of consequence or for a lot of things. I really don’t have to take everything seriously without taking breaks in between. I mean I’ve been focusing on my review quite some time now and I just realized that I’ve been carelessly giving less time for my body and mind to rest even for a day that leads to always keeping myself up to the pressure of whatever this exam gives to me.

I must put myself first, body, mind and soul. To keep a healthy disposition for everyday, maintaining good relationships with my family and friends. To be always reminded that this life is borrowed, either we live it or put it just to waste. I’m blessed up to this day and I know this and I thank the God Almighty forever.

Journal of the Unknown Origin

This life is not private as it may seem. Let my life be transparent as to how I like person’s honesty reflects him/herself too. 

*photos | words | feelings | mine*

  • Typically I am @nikkiurs (just look for it using the friendly Google) PH *millenial
  • 23 | 20/20 , an OWL, loves Coffee, Books, Movies, Travel and a Journal enthusiast. 
  • “I may not be blessed with luxurious life , taste, travel passes alongside famous people that you may have known, but I’m just being positively appreciative”
  • Medtech 💉
  • Blessed with bigger and much better blessings like skills, talents and assets. *winks
  • Fond of series like stranger things, HP etc.
  • History maker , Praning
  • Daughter of GOD, with deep respect to the LGBT COMMUNITY. 
  • MIDDLE child
  • Loves green , thinks green, 
  • Tried vices, ended vices 👊
  • FAM first, plays guitar but never with one’s feelings. 👍
  • Lemme hear your Playlist and I’ll let u enjoy my own set too. 😋😚
  • Wanted by Hunter Hayes for my baby 😁

Whoever tends to read this. Just be extra careful. Because you might melt thru my words. –wordsmelt

Even the unwanted, unseen, unstable I’ll never lose hope. I’ll be your companion to what jive you are into. Lezz roll 🎲


  1. Browsing Blogs Night

We all know that observing is one of the useful key to curiosity especially if you feel something unusual/out of the content if your imagination. Dropping by at your favorite blog apps will do. (pinterest for me) Look how cute is the baby. Ughh Soo Fluffy & Pillow too. Hahaha My Shoes too please?


2. Before anything else..

Movie time is way too important especially when distressing is to look forward to. Baby Hugh Grant will help me with that (from Notting Hill film – 1999) Oops! Coffee on hand (mmm look at how long my hand was captured).


3. Like what the caption implies

It’s not always gonna do coffee. That was, as I can remember clearly hot chocolate from 7/11 convenience store. Oooh yaa! Now I’m certain. I’m wearing one of my favorite sweater. Flowery one. Post- shift cravings I may say.


4. I’m a person of not so certain of places of where to.I’m the one to be invited, called,  pursued. This place here called Marisse Patisserie located at Lahug, Cebu City.

-Coffee house with desserts.
-Great place for talks and photo inspiration collection.
-Look how cool and edgy the pic is.
-Blogging requires talents that could capture the deeper meaning of  unseen
pictures of life.



5. I really love this tag. Big one. Desserts says it all. Eat dessert. First maybe.


6. Flowers

Even though “Santan” which is very common here in the Philippines, that will do the trick.

Santan is widespread cultivated as a landscape and garden plant. Flower colors would range from crimson red, yellow, orange to cream and pure white. Though we have our native varieties, none of these garden-popular santans are proudly Philippine native.

As I remember  it was early in the morning that I decided to stroll around the vicinity. Next thing I know, I’m already playing POKEMON GO. Merese! Oh well. It’s all the way combo and versatile experiences. How Lovely ! Peace Out!



7. Coffee is Art

One of the best thing practiced by many baristas ever *insert stars. It gives good vibes. All the way. How I wish someday I can try doing this on my own. Heehee img_7955

8. We love our Bread..

Munching over Peanut Butter Sandwich. Mind you, after this I suffered itchiness all over my body. Yes it’s all because I lied on the grass. Hahaha! Babath mode ASAP.



9. Oh C A T S

May I tell you that this Cat is simple feeling sleepy. Or he/she just feeling air dancing! Mmm I’m not really sure though, but it’s okay, the important thing was the moment. Hello there Meowsa! 🙂



I tagged my favorite IG (instagram) account cats_of_instagram that regularly post everything about Cats even features some of the world’s cutest.


10. Friday Night Chill

Have you ever experienced having cravings for an acoustic night like this? It’s me with my HS/College friend and it was magical. All Chill. We need these moments. It cleanse the Soul. Quenching the thirst.


11. And there’s this moment in our lives.

Explosion was needed. But never apologize. Don’t blame your insides we’re only human. We feel. Stay spontaneous. Stay YOU.



Long live the reckless and the brave 

  • Okay, today I decided not to finish this one, I’mma do part 2
  • Next, I wanna thank everyone who reads, anything, everything on my blog
  • Lastly, I’m like this because I’m grateful to God for every moment in my life
  • Cheers to the moments we collect and cherish 🎉

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