As soon as I found myself jobless I decided to let myself admire games again. It started with Wizard 101- a portal to the very amusing Magical World next is the Contest of the Champions by MARVEL. The first entails Monsters and that's the main reason why I'm interested in it. However, the latter … Continue reading Catalysts

Journal of the Unknown Origin

This life is not private as it may seem. Let my life be transparent as to how I like person's honesty reflects him/herself too.  *photos | words | feelings | mine* Typically I am @nikkiurs (just look for it using the friendly Google) PH *millenial 23 | 20/20 , an OWL, loves Coffee, Books, Movies, … Continue reading Journal of the Unknown Origin

This is a shout out to my “X”

it's been a long time. My friend told me a while ago na "Iba talaga basta first love" i told her na "maybe". Kasi hindi ko sure eh. Sabi panya "iba pa talaga if magkita kayo ulit". Mmmmmm. Sa isip ko that will be pretty much awkward like hell. I went to a Coffee shop … Continue reading This is a shout out to my “X”

Daily Prompt: Gone: bad habit

via Daily Prompt: Gone This year I'd really like to start proving to myself that all that I want and some points that really matters mostly in my life will unfold to what I keen to earn, success. ¬†Even it has been a very rocky 2016, with all the GOOD and BAD habits all practiced … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Gone: bad habit