Sensitive Enough

Sensitive Enough to feel that you're distant to detect rejection to look into self doubts to accept facts of your past explorations I'm not dumb enough to feel that you're incompletely healed I never wish to be someone's "rebound"


Changing your game

When you change your game for the better, it must sound parallel to what you're expecting. Though it might be more difficult this time around at least you got your time to manage. If you hook up with a big company and stayed for their 8 hours job offer everyday sticking your butt for the … Continue reading Changing your game

THE Next STEP, does it really matter?

Taking the next step is very important in whatever circumstances and paths of life, you'll come to that point where you're compelled to choose the next big thing you'll be doing in order to give your life a sense of direction. If you're a dreamer you need to understand this mechanism. It may not be … Continue reading THE Next STEP, does it really matter?

Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Finally, being a part of an e-commerce company family I realized that joining in special sale events like this is very much exciting. Actually, it's the first for my employers and I'm really happy that they've decided to join such. For me as their designer I think it's important to venture out and take risks … Continue reading Black Friday, Cyber Monday