Kita Kita Stickers and Movie Review

Kita Kita stickers will be available this coming August 7, 2017 (Monday)

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Kita Kita, the movie which brings mixed emotions kind of feels to the movie goers reached its peak profit 200million for its 2nd top grossing week. At first, no one can ever persuade you to watch an indie film just like the movie Kita-kita because nobody talks about it from its screening date but because of the familiarity of the main artists I tend to ask my older sister about it and all she wanted to tell me was how funny and unique the story line was. After that day I craved for it so I watched it with my siblings and I salute the characters created by the minds behind the movie especially how the story categorized itself from other usual rom-com movies of today. For me, it’s incomparable for this generation’s love teams.

I hope to see more films like this in our country.