Raw Material

A reminder that being human is the wider circle within which our art is always the combinatorial product of the fragments of who we are.

– Teresita Fernández, Artist

Finally I found an artist I can follow when it comes to how the world above and  below being is appreciated today, in the many ways people can express it uniquely as possible.

This time I’m trying to appreciate whatever I can perceive as what I consider important to the factors affecting my life right now.

Oddly enough, what we involuntarily do retain is meant to help us move forward. -Teresita Fernández

I’ve came up with this entry to google awhile ago, “Love fails, art saves”. Because my curiousity led me this.

Truthfully, I’m kinda hurt in the moment. Dealing with my love issues. Communication, timing and the art of appreciation. That moment gives me an idea of distressing using art, like drawing or painting. But then I realized that many people is accustomed that “Love is an art” a form of Art. And for me that is a fact.

Suddenly i questioned my own statement, ‘When love fails, Art saves’ . Googled and poof found one blog featuring Teresita’s giving of wisdom to college graduates about being an artist as she gave them tips and awesome outlook about art being internally and externally successful. Suddenly I had an idea of maybe I have to read something like this first before anything else.

Love being a form of art, and art being a saviour to many souls out there. Here I am believing. Cause maybe before it saved me from my dilemmas in life.

Being an artist is being an interesting story for the eyes of your audience. People tends to see through things by looking and from there they try to perceive and understand, Why this kind of art?,  What does it mean?

Basically an art started from “nothing”.

The work of the work is only visible to yourself.

-Teresita Fernández

Teresita shared, the afterschool must do of an artist and how to grom from therr. She also given 10 useful tips to the graduating class to ponder:

10 Practical tips on being an artist:

  1. Art requires time
  2. Learn to write well and get into the habit of systematically applying for every grant you can find.
  3. Nobody reads artist’s statements.
  4. Not every project will survive
  5. Edit Privately. Nobody else needs to watch you do it.
  6. When people say your work is good do two things : First, don’t believe them. Second, ask them “Why”? If they can convince you of why they think your work is good, accept the compliment.
  7. Don’t ever feel you have to give anything up in order to be an artist.
  8. Just a few that really believe in you.
  9. Build trust.
  10. Focus still.

Unlearning everything you learned in college is just an exercise in learning to recognize how the fragments and small bits lead to something that is much more than the sum of it’s parts.

-Teresita Fernández

All of the fumbling and awkward moments you will go through, all of the failed attempts, all of the near misses, all of the spontaneous curiousity will eventually start to steer you in exactly the right direction.

Teresita made her point that a positive outlook towards art can never do us wrong. It’s just a matter of appreciation and patience that we will develop our skills and mindset into whatever we’re trying to achieve.

The baby steps toward mending fragments starts all over again. 


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