Mirror of Perception


What you see is what you get (objectively). What you choose to see and to perceive out of it, is a different thing. Remember the classic, first impression lasts? It's based from what you have seen, absorbed, maybe in a form of physical, emotional energy from a situation which randomly gives you a surprising stimuli … Continue reading Mirror of Perception

Espíritu Filipino de la Navidad

DISNEY UK: We are proud to reveal Disney’s Xmas advert, a heart-warming story #FromOurFamilyToYours. While times change and people grow, beloved family traditions make lifelong memories that cross generations and hold us together, especially over the festive period. Lola and her granddaughter share a love of Disney and Christmas crafting, but over time their yearly ritual of making star lanterns begins to fade away. Looking back into Lola’s past and seeing her grandmother’s much-loved Mickey Mouse inspires her granddaughter to create a festive surprise that lights up her Christmas morning and renews their special bond. We hope you enjoy this special Christmas video, From Our Family To Yours.

Mi Comida para llevar (My Go-To Food)

Wherever you are in the World, Food is always gonna be famous. No matter what cuisine are you familiar with, the origin of what compliments your taste buds or what certain house of flavours you are into, there's that place that you visit very frequently or maybe want to visit when a certain trigger factor … Continue reading Mi Comida para llevar (My Go-To Food)