This is a shout out to my “X”

it’s been a long time. My friend told me a while ago na “Iba talaga basta first love” i told her na “maybe”. Kasi hindi ko sure eh. Sabi panya “iba pa talaga if magkita kayo ulit”. Mmmmmm. Sa isip ko that will be pretty much awkward like hell.

I went to a Coffee shop to review my notes for my upcoming exam. I spent maybe 3-4 hours sitting and reading and taking down notes until someone very familiar passed by beside the Coffee shop. My heart and mind goes WTF! It tooked 20 minutes for me to calm down and come to my senses. A ghost from the past. Maybe I’ll call this a moment of finally slaying the past with that moment. Seeing that person again for how many years I know one day of my life, same town, familiar group of friends, what not to know?

After that encounter I told myself that I’m pretty darn blessed with the gift of acceptance and forgiveness. A variable “X” of the past, from that day there’s no question of Y do I even have to bother of your presence or absence . I made mistakes and so did you. I’ll never gonna deny the fact that I’ve been like many other teenagers who thought of love as a game and luck.

Falling in and out of love – is art. Full of wonders. And guts. God bless you always!

This is me, the person who’ll never gonna dwell in the past.

If I stumble again moving on. I guess it’s gonna be painful but I know withing myself with the help of and love of the people mattered today  and tomorrow, I’ll stand up and fight !

Feeling Pressured

Right now I’m currently facing my laptop looking for some study strategies over Google about my upcoming ASCP exam this January of the 3rd week. Assuming there’s somebody out there that felt the exact same thing somehow regarding this exam and to whoever is feeling the mutual situation even not the exact same situation but at least right?  Hoooh! My mind is kinda weird and complicated right now , but I have this feeling na I’m somewhat confident but I’m feeling kinda scared. huhuhuhu Oh well . This is it. I’m moving forward, there’s no coming back. God bless to me!

Daily Prompt: Gone: bad habit

via Daily Prompt: Gone

This year I’d really like to start proving to myself that all that I want and some points that really matters mostly in my life will unfold to what I keen to earn, success.  Even it has been a very rocky 2016, with all the GOOD and BAD habits all practiced together. This year I’ll omit the things which doesn’t have a place and give importance to my life. You know, some vices of the World’s human nature, if stressed, problematic and indecisive. Alcohol and sometimes stokes. With my 23 years of existence I guess this is the right time of the year to start the change inside and outside of me. Cheers to life! Thank you God! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful


Yearning for more new lessons to learn this upcoming Year of the Fire Rooster, my Year of greater challenges and decision makings. Hoping Courage will always keep the flame inside me no matter what happens. Guidance from up above and the company of love from My Family and Friends are the most important of all, best believe in my Skills and just to always Pray. Thanking WordPress for this moment to be grateful for the many opportunities that this Life has given. Happy New Year to all who loves writing and blogging their hearts out with every moment possible and worth writing, keeping and shared to as many readers as possible.